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S.C. UTILNAVOREP S.A. is a Romanian private company of shareholders at present, founded in 1992 through privatization of the company that serving mechanization and metal confection for the Danube-Black Sea Canal construction. The experience gained during that time meant an increase in natural and healthy basis, focusing primarily on market requirements.

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Metallic Confections

The experience acquired by UTILNAVOREP S.A. Constanța in the field of metal confections is recognized thru the quality of our works, delivered to romanian and foreign partners.
  • We execute various metallic confections (in the field of shipbuilding, building equipment, bridge building, household usage, etc.):
    • - smiting, welding, piping works
    • - cutting works
    • - sand blasting work, paint coating
  • we execute aluminium confections for different areas
  • capability of processing heavy sheet-metals of 80-200 mm thickness
  • capability of handling, storing and transporting large dimension equipment
  • flexibility and short execution terms
  • cooperation possibilities with other Romanian companies, quality management is enforced by UTILNAVOREP S.A. Constanța
  • abilty of delivering turnkey solutions both in Romania and abroad
  • we export arround 15% of our production
Our department has a number of 40 locksmiths and welders with high qualification and a large experience acknowledged by the certifications (qualifications) from Bureau Veritas and A.N.R. (Romanian Naval Authority). Also, welding procedures used by UTILNAVOREP are certified by Bureau Veritas . The technology and painting procedures are according to HEMPEL , CERAM-KOTE , SIGMA

a) Products maritime and fluvial signaling buoys

Started in the early 2000s, along with French company GISMAN meant a real school for our company. High quality bar required by French partner, prompted us to think and act according to the precepts of the Western economy.
Today, with the technical equipment and the professionalism we can say that there are no qualitative differences between our products and those made by specialized companies in the West.
Our portfolio of clients in this field is a clear proof of this.

b) Metallic confections for locks

The complexity of the business of repairing and upgrading locks makes few companies are able to address these works.
UTILNAVOREP already has a wide experience in this area in recent years rehabilitating sluicing complex systems of canals Danube-Black Sea and Poarta Albă-Midia Năvodari
confecții pentru ecluze
confecții pentru ecluze

c) Specialized metallic confections – formwork for construction of docks and piers

There are few companies that can successfully deal with confections special formwork for this kind of work.
confecții cofraje
confecții cofraje

d) Confections drive winches for balloons – export England

The winches handle balloons for tourists, which overflying areas of England. Execution conditions very drastic for passenger safety in the UK, have been met successfully by UTILNAVOREP's specialists.
confecții vinciuri
confecții vinciuri

Buildings - Mounting Constructions, Hydro Constructions, Civil and Industrial Constructions

Always attentive to market trends, in 2010 UTILNAVOREP has developed a new department.
Applying in this sector too the company management principles, the department has grown dramatically, achieving on the first two year constructions for Maritime University of Constanța, TRANSELECTRICA Cernavodă, OIL TERMINAL Constanța, ANIF Dobrogea, all of them awarded by public tenders.

a) Signaling and Navigation Systems

In the years 2010-2011 the scale of work was also spectacularly increased, culminating with the performing two complex works, also awarded by public tender, both made for CN Administration of the Navigable Canals:
    – Signaling and Navigation Systems on the Danubian-Black Sea Channel and
    – Signaling and Navigation Systems on the Poarta Albă - Midia Năvodari.
The made systems are incorporating solutions and the latest technology, leading both fluency and optimizing traffic on the two channels and the safety of navigation.

b) Mounting-Constructions – assembling of locks Danubian-Black Sea Channel

Construction of strict specialization with a high complexity
construcții pentru ecluze
construcții pentru ecluze

c) Mounting-Constructions – reservoirs and pipeline oil terminals


d) Building roads and pedestrian paths

construcții poduri

Ship Building and Naval Repair

Ship Department provides a broad range of maritime and river vessels repairs:
  • dock works in cooperation
  • all types of deck, tanks, warehouse lids repair works
  • repairs, reconditioning and manufacture for:
    • - spare parts for cranes, winches, ventilators, separators, distillery installations
    • - hydraulic installations for warehouses
    • - hydraulic lifting installations
    • - pumps, hydraulic cylinders
    • - high pressure hoses (Manuli)
  • thermal engine repairs: main and auxiliaries
  • electric generators repairs, engine winding 0.1- 200kW
  • automation, deck and command electric installation
  • ships carpentry
We build boats from 8-20 meters length, as own project or project required by the customer, equipped with the most modern utilities that exist on the international market.
S.C. UTILNAVOREP S.A. entered the shipbuilding market. The first such project is the construction, equipping and commissioning of 2 pieces MARITIME PORT BOATS for CN APMC (National Company Maritime Ports Administration Constanta):
  • construction of naval steel plate with thickness between 3 and 6 mm;
  • steel body has ~9 tons and ~19 tons the fully equipped ship;
  • maximum length Lmax = 12.5 m
  • width B = 3.7 m
  • building height D = 2.0 m
  • maximum draft T = 0.9 m
  • crew: 2 plus 6 passengers
  • drive two fixed pitch propeller driven engines of 205 HP each rapid Caterpillar
  • advanced radionavigation equipment, in accordance with applicable ships requirements


hydrocarbons recovery vessel at sea(continuing absorption capacity: 100 m³/h),the absorption flux,created by the turbine is introduced into the decanter, from decanter the clean water is discharged and hydrocarbons are routed to the separator and transferred into a reservoir of 500 m³, trailed by CATAMAR; nave de depoluare


vessel for cleaning in narrow spaces(touristic ports,recreation bases, channels,along the quay, etc.) is equipped with an electric motor with an autonomy of 8 hours, cleans and gathers moving forward and backward or stationary
este transportabilă cu ajutorul unei platforme auto, is transportable by means of an auto platform and for launching it needs just one person. nave de depoluare


vessel for cleaning in narrow spaces or in the coastal zone
is equipped with motor pumps of hydrocarbons transfer in the reservoir and fire equipment;

nave de depoluare

Special Purpose Vessels

Mobile pontoon, specialized in handling buoys, 50 T capacity. (Completly fitted)
- Very complex work, which reveals UTILNAVOREPs capability to cover al areas: metalic confections, electric wiring, heat engines (Caterpillar), hoisting units, mooring and anchoring systems, thermal insulators, etc.

    Some of our customers in the shipbuilding and naval repair:
  • CNAPMC - Entire construction Mobile Pontoon, specialized in handling buoys 100to DW.
  • CN ACN - Entire construction Ship for hydrographic measurements on the Danube-Black Sea Channel
  • TRANSELECTRICA - Entire construction self-propelled floating pontoon
  • M.Ap.N (Ministry of National Defense) Repair and maintenance of Navy Ships:
    motor vessel "Racoviță", motor vessel "Grigore Antipa" (in partnership with Connex Comanex - France), motor vessels "281", "Grozavul", "Albatros", various military frigates and boats, etc.

Building Equipments - Repair trucks, construction equipments, cranes and lifting equipments. Auto Service

Heavy building and automotive department provides repairs, maintenance and service for the whole field of building equipment, heavy automotive equipment an cranes made in Romania (front loaders, bulldozers, excavators, dredgers, trucks, cranes, forklifts).

We also repair foreign building equipment, heavy automotive equipment and cranes, using original spare parts:

Heavy automotive equipment

- TATRA - Czech

Mobile cranes

- BUMAR - Poland
- CDK, - Slovakia
- LIEBHERR - Germany


- Desta - Czech
- FIAT - Italia

Building equipment

front loaders, bulldozers, excavators, dredgers

- WOLA, FADROMA - Poland (authorized dealer)
- CDK, UNC - Slovakia
- LIEBHERR - Germany
- WIRTGEN - Germany

Our professionals have the ability to solve quickly and promptly any problem occurred in operating of building equipments and lifting from a very wide range. Diagnosing and also assemblies and subassemblies final examinations are made on specialized stands.

Quality of repairs, our professionalism and responsiveness led to the holding of an important number of clients, among which:
  • PETROM OMV - Cranes repair Muntenia region
  • ROMPETROL - Maintenance of lifting equipment the Midia Refinery
  • RAJA Constanța - Repairs of building equipments in the fleet of RAJA
  • ANIF -Dobrogea - Automotive and Building Equipments repairs
  • DRDP Constanța - Service for fleet of building equipments and cars
  • DRDP Iasi - Service for fleet of building equipments and cars
  • A.C.N. Constanța - Auto repairs
  • OLTCHIM Rm. Vilcea - Building equipments repairs
  • CARPATCEMENT - Building equipments repairs

Aids to Navigation - Maritime and Fluvial Signaling

The activity of signaling the sailing lines on the sea, Danube, Danube-Black Sea channel and Poarta Albă-Midia Navodari Channel

All the buyos or lighting signal what are regulating the entry and exit from the harbours of Constanța, Mangalia, Midia , Sulina as well as the navigation on the Danube-Black Sea Channel and Poarta Albă-Midia Navodari Channel are under constant remote monitoring, through satellite, having, in real time, all the tehnical information needed for a safe naviagtion on them.

UTILNAVOREP S.A. made all these signaling systems in accordance with international shipping regulations.
After commissioning, UTILNAVOREP S.A. ensures and provides maintenance for all of these systems.


a) Starting from year 2004 S.C. UTILNAVOREP S.A. established in collaboration with CN APMC (National Administrative Company of Maritimal Ports Constanta) the department of Aids To Navigation - Maintenance of signaling systems for the Black Sea ports.
– Taking over through a public auction the ensurance of maintenance of signaling system for the ports Constanța, Midia and Mangalia, UTILNAVOREP specialists learned step by step the functioning and maintenance of this system of a major importance for safe navigation.
– The rapid accumulation of knowledge in this field was facilitated with the collaboration of french company GISMAN one of the biggest manufacturers of this kind of systems.

The fact that we have managed, in a short time, to specialize in signaling systems is proven by the successful realization of two large-scale works for CN Administration of the Navigable Canals Constanța, works described in the chapter "Civil and industrial construction", respectiv : – Sistem of Navigation and Signalization on the Denubian-Black Sea Channel and
– Navigation sistem and signalization on the Channel Canalul Poarta Albă – Midia Năvodari

b) MAINTENANCE of systems and industrial equipment is rather a new activity for UTILNAVOREP but wich we intend to amplify. The beginning was started when UTILNAVOREP adjudicated the auction for the ensurance maintenance of the grapple crane from Section Flexicoking of PETROMIDIA Refinery.
– The contract was awarded also in the coming years, with very good results. This led to the expansion of cooperation with this company to provide maintenance for lifting equipment on the Petromidia Platform, and also for loading installations of petroleum products from the Petromidia Platform berths.